wtorek, 26 maja 2020

#417 Tiulowa różowa spódnica z Aliexpress :)

Cześć! :)
Dzisiaj chciałabym Wam pokazać mój chyba najlepszy zakup z Aliexpress. Jest nim różowa, tiulowa spódnica. Widziałam ją w wielu sklepach internetowych, ale cena zdecydowanie mnie odstraszała, więc postanowiłam zaryzykować i zamówiłam ją na Aliexpress. Zapłaciłam za nią UWAGA - 32zł. Gdyby była beznadziejna to nie byłoby mi żal, ale na szczęście jest genialna. Ma podszewkę i kilka warstw tiulu, dzięki czemu w ogóle nie prześwituje. Ja jestem mega zadowolona i wiem, że to nie ostatni mój ubraniowy zakup na Aliexpress :) Do spódnicy dobrałam pudrowo-różowy golf, czarną ramoneskę, skórzane botki i moją ukochaną torebkę od Fabioli. Dajcie znać, co myślicie!
Buziaki :)


golf - h&m
pasek, spódnica - aliexpress
ramoneska, botki - stradivarius
torebka - fabiola

niedziela, 10 maja 2020

#416 Wiosna w odcieniach błękitu i mięty :)

Dzisiaj przychodzę do Was już z bardzo wiosennym zestawem. Bazą jest sukienka w kolorze miętowym w bardzo malutkie kropeczki. Na wierzch ubrałam sweter z półgolfem w przepięknym odcieniu babyblue. Do tego biała ramoneska i ponadczasowe białe adidasy Continental 80.
Dajcie znać, co myślicie o tym połączeniu :) Buziaki!

sukienka - h&m
sweter - mohito
ramoneska - zaful
adidasy - adidas Continental 80

środa, 6 maja 2020

Why You Choose Beautiful Deep Wave Brazilian Hair :)

   Women are busy with dressing up themselves and there is nothing unusual. Beautiful hair is the dream and wealth of any woman. The problem of choosing between straight and wavy ringlets turns for many of us into a daily struggle. Deep wave Brazilian Hair is a classic wavy hairstyle.

   The owners of cute curls try to iron them to the glossy shine, and girls with Human Hair Weave tend to "catch the wave". Celebrities do not bother about this and easily change their image, so as not to get bored of themselves and not give bored to their fans.

   Rare girls have such magnificent curls from nature-often these deliberately-careless curls are the result of a well-thought-out styling. However, this does not mean that you have to spend many hours in beauty salons. Curls can be made on the deep wave hair of any length, but more effectively they look on long hair. To create a fluffy and curly hairstyle you do not have to run to the hairdresser and do the chemical perm, which will damage your hair. You can make curls yourself at home. For this purpose, it is enough to buy Body Wave Hair from a famous brand. Hairstyle with small deep curls can rejuvenate the appearance, make it more coquettish and intriguing. It's no wonder that many girls try to create such deep wave weave on their own, at home.

   Buying Brazilian deep curly hair you can transform your look and be the young and naughty girl. They look modern and harmoniously fit into your look, they are as soft and natural as possible. Also for modern hairstyles with deep wave human hair, it is desirable that your haircut is cascaded-so curls will look more interesting, and strands of different length will create a natural uniform volume.

   But you must remember that working with Brazilian deep wave bundles it is important not to overdo it - too much volume in the styling will look unnatural and vulgar. It is also extremely important that the hair color, their structure, and form of curls match yours and they did not stand out in the hairstyle.

   If you can not find the perfect suitable hairpiece, it's better to use a contrasting hair chignon instead of more or less close. However, if you curled the hair from the roots and used foam for volume, it is possible that you will not need hairpins and the volume will be quite enough.

   Deep curls are the original solution to make variety in a simple classic style. They will add to your insolence and sexuality, even if you wear a closed black dress or a strict suit.You'd better shop for the deep wave hair closure with bundles together.Because hair bundles with lace closures can full fill your head and look more real.

Make Your Hair Look Good with Hair Extensions :)

   Extensions are appropriate for everybody. Whichever hair do you're considering, try on some extensions to modify your look. For individuals women whose locks are short but wish to have longer hair, your hair extensions might help them have lengthy hair immediately. You will find three good reasons to use extensions: first, hair won't grow. Second, you need to possess a larger look. Third, no matter hair type, if you wish to try something totally new and don't wish to watch for hair to develop out, extensions will help you move from short to lengthy within hrs.

   Once you attach extensions for your hair effectively, you may make hair into many styles, you can also style hair with comb coils effortlessly. After attaching them, rapid hair can alter towards the longer one at the same time. You will find tape in hair extensions and locks extensions that are generally used, while braid extensions aren't frequently used. Hair attached with these methods is very strong.

   Braid extensions are frequently employed for lengthy hair. In contrast to tape-in extensions and locks extensions, braid extensions tend to be more complicated. And 2 technicians are needed to operate together when you wish to make use of braid extensions. But the benefit of this process is it won't allow the hair get twisted together, which is great for combing and taking care of your hair.

   The suggestion for that layered haircut after wearing the extensions is the fact that: women must have a layered haircut before wearing extensions, and also the hair could be reduce layers using the approach to concave-layer, in this manner, your hair isn't too stiff and appears lively. Extensions could be maintained for around twelve months, and you have to cut them once during this time period. You may also redo the extensions which have fallen out to obtain a better effect.

   Extensions can perform a lot more than take mink hair from short to lengthy. If you would like hair to become lengthy although not look fake, clip in extensions will help you make that happen. In case your locks are all one length, use extensions to include layers or transform a bob right into a shaggy, shoulder-skimming style. Your stylist, who are able to shape the add-on pieces, will help you a great deal about this. Therefore the extensions will blend to your natural hair. You'll be impressed at just how well the colour and feel from the extensions matched your personal hair. Whether hair is light or dark, there's a large range of tones to select from. For a night out, it's a terrific way to improve your style with the addition of length, or by sporting a clip-in fringe. Your hair moves naturally and it has great texture, and could be styled, brushed and curled together with your real human hair, so you've plenty of choices to create yourself more charming.

   When cleansing the extensions, it's recommended to utilize a PH balanced shampoo or conditioner. Be cautious about how exactly much you utilize, and taking advantage of conditioner in your extensions more often than once per month could damage them. After you put onto your hair extensions, you have to be careful when dying. In case your reason for wearing your hair extensions is perfect for dying, you will want to follow along with one rule: once the real human hair is much more than 70%, you are able to dye them correctly, but it's recommended to not dye them frequently, and also you need to concentrate on maintain them over time.

   It's a growing trend to put on extensions. To become fashion lady, you might have to have some understanding about the subject. If you wish to find out more about this subject, you can go to your hair extensions base, an innovator in supplying top quality hair Perruque Lace Wig products for example clip-in extensions, wigs along with other popular hairpieces.

poniedziałek, 4 maja 2020

#415 Total look w odcieniach beżu :)

Cześć! :)
Dzisiaj przygotowałam total look w odcieniach beżu. Ostatnio bardzo polubiłam ten kolor i zdecydowanie noszę go częściej niż mój "bezpieczny" czarny.
Postawiłam na klasyczny, wełniany płaszcz o prostym fasonie. Długo się na niego czaiłam i gdy tylko pojawił się mój rozmiar, od razu go zakupiłam. Dobrałam do niego basicowy sweter z półgolfem i wszystkim dobrze znane dzianinowe joggersy z Zary. 
Dajcie znać, czy lubicie odcienie beżu oraz co sądzicie o total lookach :)
Buziaki :*
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płaszcz - mango
sweter - medicine
spodnie - zara
buty - nike air force